Sigma Omega Phi provides a Women's support network for all women, regardless of their origin.

Her Story

Sigma Omega Phi manifested its roots on April 26, 1990. On this day, four exceptional women came together to create a sisterhood that bonds women of every race, class, and creed by opening minds through culture, education and unity. During this arduous journey twelve aspiring women whom also shared these ideals became part of this family and helped to further develop the fundamentals of this distinguished organization. The road was long and rocky, yet with the determination and trust, which every sister of Sigma Omega Phi held within them, their goal was accomplished. On November 28, 1990, Sigma Omega Phi was officially recognized on the CSU, Chico campus.
Our family has grown to 6 chapters
» California State University, Chico
» California State University, Fresno
» California State University, Sacramento
» San Jose State University
» California State University, Stanislaus
» National Hispanic University (NHU San Jose)

Fouding Mothers

Obdulia Avila
Teresa Cano
Maria Elena Gonzalez
Rocio Gonzalez
Esthela Guzman
Irma Guzman
Claudia Lopez
Martina Mendoza
Gloria Nevarez
Diana Parra-Villasenor
Enriqueta Rico
Leticia Roman
Amelia Rosas
Adriana Ruelas
Cecilia Santillan-Robles
Tona Torres


  • Alpha Chapter
    California state University, Chico Estbalished 1990
  • Beta Chapter
    California State University, Fresno Established 1995
  • Gamma Chapter
    California State University, Sacramento Established 1998
  • Delta Chapter
    San Jose State University Established 1999
  • Epsilon Chapter
    California State University, Stanislaus Established 2008
  • Zeta Chapter
    The National Hispanic University Established 2009

  • Chapters Map


California State University, Chico

CSU Chico