Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction workshops are weekly, ongoing study sessions for specific classes. Trained, upper-division, faculty-recommended student leaders facilitate sessions in which participants compare notes, discuss readings, develop review material, and predict test items. Students learn how to integrate course content and study skills while working collaboratively.

Fall 2014 Schedule
Class Instructor SI Leader SI Times
BIOL 103 Arnet Sara Tuesday 3-4 pm
Tuesday 4-5 pm
Wednesday 2-3 pm
Thursday 3-4 pm
BIOL 104 Day Emma Monday 10-11 am
Tuesday 1-2 pm
Wednesday 10-11 am
Friday 10-11 am
POLS 155 Dwyre Stephanie Monday 11 am-12 pm
Monday 3-4 pm
Wednesday 11 am-12 pm
Thursday 10-11 am
CMST 132 McCabe Aralia Monday 2-3 pm
Tuesday 11 am-12 pm
Tuesday 12-1 pm
Thursday 1-2 pm
CMST 132 Shannan Cindy Monday 1-2 pm
Tuesday 2-3 pm
Thursday 4-5 pm
Friday 11 am-12 pm
CMST 132 Kelly Mai Monday 12-1 pm
Wednesday 3-4 pm
Thursday 11 am-12 pm
Friday 9-10 am