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Student Learning Fees

Awardee Guidelines for 2018-19

Please follow the guidelines below during the implementation of your project and spending of the Student Learning Fees you have received:

Project Funding

The Student Learning Fee award is specific to a project. Combining unspent funds with another award is not allowed. Awards must be spent (not encumbered) by June 30. Please adhere to the year-end fiscal schedule in order to meet all University financial deadlines.

Chartfield String

All transactions must use the Student Learning Fee fund T8508 and must include the appropriate program code. Awardees will be contacted for DeptIDs. Awards for interdisciplinary proposals will be managed by the primary proposers' department and will require that department's DeptID. A copy of the Student Learning Fee awards and chartfields can be found on our Awards page.


Review your proposal very carefully. Funds can be spent only on items included in the description of items to be purchased. For example, if the description states “computer”, items such as data line installation, software or workstation do not qualify as a “computer” expense. To maximize student learning, please work with your college Administrative Analyst/Specialist as soon as possible on the steps necessary to expend the funds on the item(s) listed in your proposal. If you are purchasing items which qualify as Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT) you are subject to the Information Technology Procurement Review (ITPR) process. This approval is contingent on satisfactory completion of that process. For assistance, please email itpr@csuchico.edu.

Student Payroll

If the award is for student assistant wages, payroll and payroll corrections must be posted by June 30. This means the last payroll posted to T8508 is May payroll and all payroll corrections (PT-11’s) must be submitted by May 31. Contact the campus Budget Office, ext. 5938, to establish a new CMS position number or if you have questions about the timing of any corrections.

Overexpenditure of Award

Charges in excess of the award will be moved to the department/college general fund accounts.

Unspent Awards

Any award funding remaining at June 30 will be returned for inclusion in the next round of allocations.

Award Assessments

Each award requires an assessment that must be submitted prior to the deadline found on the timeline(opens in new window). You are required to provide a short narrative about how your student learning fee award impacted student learning. Describe the metrics or assessment measures you used to evaluate the impact and provide relevant data or evidence to support your claim. Address any discrepancies between the number of classes and students actually served, and what was included in your initial proposal. You will be contacted via email with the link to provide your assessment. It will be due at the end of the spring semester of the award year. Contact slf@csuchico.edu if you have any questions about this requirement.