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Student Learning Fees

General Overview

Student Learning Fee Timeline Overview


  • CFAC reviews unit summary reports and provost recommendations to determine unit allocations for the following award year.
  • VPSA/colleges must inform CFAC as to the process they’ve chosen for determining expenditures. CFAC reviews and approves each process.


  • CFAC sends VPSA, deans, and admins the required Student Learning Fee (SLF) committee membership structure.
  • Provost's office sends out a call to the campus for SLF committee membership nominations via Campus/Student Announcements and Orion advertisement.
  • Committee membership nomination forms are due to the VPSA/deans’ offices and the membership selection process begins.
  • Budget Office provides SLF estimates for the following award year.
  • VPSA/colleges are notified of their allocations.
  • Provost's office sends a University-wide request for CFAC proposals via the Campus/Student Announcements and Orion advertisement.
  • VPSA/college admins enter committee members into the online SLF web application located here: https://slf.csuchico.edu.


  • CFAC approves the committee structures.


  • Deadline for submission of proposals.
  • Proposal review may begin after proposal deadline.


  • Deadline for VPSA/colleges to submit expenditure plans to CFAC.
  • CFAC reviews VPSA/college expenditure plans to ensure they comply with SLF guidelines.


  • CFAC presents final approved list of VPSA, college, and CFAC awards to the Provost and announces them to the campus.


  • Individual assessment reports for proposals funded in the current year are due.


  • CFAC provides assessment reports to VPSA/deans for proposals funded in the current year.


  • Funds for awarded projects are transferred to departments.
  • VPSA/deans review prior year assessment information and produce summary report.


  • Provost reviews assessment summary reports to prepare recommendations to CFAC for following year allocations.

Questions about the timeline can be sent to slf@csuchico.edu.