BluePrint for Success Series

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Advisor's Workshop

Friday, February 14th                                Noon-1pm Place: BMU 210
Pathways We're treating our outstanding organization Advisors to lunch at an information filled workshop designed to keep you updated about what changes are happening that effect student organizations.

Event Planning Workshop

Wednesday, March 12th      3pm-4pm Place: SSC 122/124
Event Come join us for pizza and this informative workshop on how to effectively plan events.

Fundraising Workshop - Round 2

Wednesday, March 12th, 7pm-8pm Place: SSC 122/124
idcard Come join us for some delicious pizza and a dynamic workshop designed to show you some fundamentals to effective fundraising.

Treasurer/Finance Officer's Workshop

Wednesday, March 26th     1pm-2pm Place: SSC 122/124
idcard We invite all Treasurers and Finance Officers to join us at this workshop designed to keep you up to date on policies and best practices regarding your organization's funds.

Officer Transition Workshop

Wednesday, April 23rd   1pm-2pm, and 3pm-4pm Place: SSC 122/124
idcard It's that time of year again! Come join us for effective ways to transition from one leadership team to the next.