Program Mission Statements and Goals

Mission Statement Student Life & Leadership

The mission of the Student Life & Leadership Office is to create an environment in which all students and student organizations are encouraged and aided in the development of positive social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, and leadership programs and activities.  To fulfill this mission, the Student Life and Leadership staff supports programming which promotes learning, personal growth, self-governance, social responsibility, and understanding.

Mission Statement for Recreational Sports:

Recreational Sports is dedicated to providing recreational activities for the students, faculty and staff of CSU, Chico.  Our mission is to promote and advance healthy lifestyles through recreational programs and participation opportunities.  Our staff is committed to excellence and responsiveness in regard to the needs of our members.  Recreational Sports is committed to cultivating an inclusive environment where diversity is valued, respected, appreciated and celebrated.


 Mission Statement for Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

The Cross-Cultural Leadership Center values and respects the richness and understanding that diversity brings. The Center exists to create an environment in which all students, regardless of their ethnicity, culture, or differences, feel safe and respected. Through leadership development, cultural awareness, community education, and the creation of a constructive social change, the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center will contribute a positive, enriching, and memorable life experience to every student of CSU, Chico and its surroundings.

Global Goals for Student Life and Leadership

 1.  Provide opportunities to develop the competencies required for effective leadership.
2.  Be inclusive and accessible to all populations of students and other related constituencies.
3.  Educate and encourage students to make responsible choices about the use of alcohol and other substances.
4.  Promote multicultural awareness and understanding.
5.  Support student organizations and programs through the advisement and allocation of campus resources.
6.  Maintain clear, consistent, and reasonable procedures and policies.

Learning Outcomes For Student Life and Leadership

1. New students will recognize the importance of campus involvement and will make intentional connections to involvement opportunities via Wildcat Welcome events.
2. Student organization leaders will recognize the value of and be able to communicate to club members via Wildcat Sync.
3. As a result of their employment within Intramural Sports, officials will articulate improvements in conflict resolution.
4. Promote personal growth of student by enhancing students’ understanding of their own culture, heritage and identities.
5. Transgender student athletes will be able to participate in Intramurals and Sport Clubs.