Helping Students Succeed

The friendly members of the Student Life and Leadership office staff are available by phone, e-mail, appointment, and drop-in basis. It is always best to contact the receptionist in advance for an appointment. See our Information for Student Organizations page for important information and assistance.

Charles "CC" Carter - Director of Student Life and Leadership
Office: MLIB 172 Phone: 898-4101

  • Coordinator of Cross Cultural Leadership Center including:
    • Chico State University Leaders (leadership honor society)
    • Liaison with Leadership Studies Minor
    • Leadership Program Development
    • LEAD Retreat and Seminar Series
    • Spring Leadership Awards Reception
    • Supervision of LEAD interns
    • Leadership Publications and Resources
    • High School/Junior High Leadership Conference
    • Liaison with Leadership Theme Floor
  • Advisor to AS Road Crew
  • Representative to AS Multicultural Affairs Council
  • University Representative to the AS Bell Memorial Union Committee

Student Life and Leadership Office

Office: SSC 190
Phone: 530-898-5396

Malcolm J. McLemore - Program Coordinator for Greek Life
Phone: (530) 898- 4313

Mary Wallmark - Program Coordinator for Student Organizations, Leadership Education
Phone: (530) 898-5396

Crystal Williams - Office Coordinator
Phone: 898-3409

  • Serves as Office Coordinator for both Student Life and Leadership and Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

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Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

Office: Meriam Library 172
Phone: 530-898-4101

Katie Peterson - Program Coordinator
Phone: 898-4101

Krystle Tonga - Assistant Program Coordinator
Phone: 898-4101

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Recreational Sports

Office: WREC 166
Phone: 530-898-5170

Kimberly Scott - Director of Recreational Sports
Phone: 898-5170

Steve Riccomini - Associate Director of Recreational Sports
Phone: 898-4784

Kendall Ross - Sport Clubs
Phone: 898-5348

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Wildcat I.D. Card Office

Office: SSC 190
Phone: 530-898-6119

Bingzhen “Sally” Zhang, MBA – Information Technology Consultant and System Administrator

  • Technical Lead
  • Local Area Network
  • Office Administration