Continue a Student Organization

Recognized University Student Organizations are only recognized one semester at a time, and must be re-recognized each semester in order to maintain access to campus facilities.  The process for re-recognition for continuing organizations always includes two steps:  a mandatory in-person meeting with the organization president and treasurer, and submission of the Student Organization profile in WildCat Sync.

The mandatory in-person meeting with the organization president and treasurer will occur via the re-recognition workshops at the beginning of the semester.  A full schedule of available workshops will be published on our website and in WildCat Sync once they are announced.  Workshops will be on a "first come, first served" basis. In the unlikely event that an organization president or treasurer cannot attend one of the designated workshop times, they will need to schedule an individual student organization recognition meeting.

The filing of student organization information and declaration of officers, members and advisors will be done through WildCat Sync.