Facility Reservations

Room Reservation Steps for Student Organizations

Please note that only the five officers for your organization listed on OrgSync are allowed to reserve rooms.  If your name is not listed there, you will not be able to make a room request. It is strongly advised that you make your request at least one week in advance of the first needed date. Classrooms may be reserved after the first two weeks of each semester. Confirmation of the reservation will be sent to the requester via email. Times outside of normal University business hours will incur charges and can only be booked by making an appointment with a member of the Student Life staff.

  • Come into SSC 190 and ask for a Room Request Form.
    • Remember to bring your Wildcat ID Card with you.
  • If your event is outside university business hours, includes food service, or would be considered a "special event," you will need to schedule an event meeting with a paraprofessional:
    • Although you can walk in, it is not guaranteed that a paraprofessional will be available to meet with you.
    • If a paraprofessional is unavailable to meet with you, an appointment can be scheduled for a later time.
  • Once you finish filling out your Room Request Form with the appropriate information, return it to the front desk.
  • After the Customer Service Technician reviews it and tells you it's good to go, you should expect to receive a copy of an email request we send to Facilities Reservations.
    • If you do not receive an email copying you within 48 hours, please feel free to contact us.
  • When Facilities Reservations confirms the Room Request, you will receive a forwarded email with the room confirmation for your reference.
    • Please note that it may take up to a week to receive a confirmation.
    • If you do not hear from us within a week or two, don't hesitate to contact us.

Important Information!

  • When requesting rooms on campus, please begin the process at least a week before the date you need the room.
  • If you are planning to schedule recurring meetings, please take note that they are to be kept to a 2-hour timeframe, reserving along the guide of:
    • 4:00-6:00pm, 6:00-8:00pm & 8:00-10:00pm to allow for maximum room access for all student organizations.
  • University Recognized Student Organizations may use state facilities without charge during the Academic Year as described above for normal University business hours Monday-Thursday 7:00am-10:00pm and Friday, 7:00am-5:00pm campus-wide and for meetings during Extended Hours of Sundays 1:00pm to 10:00pm for the following facilities ONLY:
    • Langdon 1st floor & 3rd floors
    • O'Connell
    • Selvester's 100 & 104
    • BMU (please contact the AS for availability)

BMU Rooms

Rooms in the BMU can be booked on the same day and get instant confirmation.  To make reservations, authorized student representatives must go to Conference Services in BMU 106.  These rooms can only be booked in the same semester in which they will be used, and reservations open the first day of classes each semester.  Any requests outside of regular BMU operating hours will incur charges.

Colusa Hall

Rooms in Colusa Hall will ALWAYS incur charges for use by student organizations.  These rooms must be booked using an online booking system on the Regional and Continuing Education webpage. 

Special Events/Equipment Reservation/Food Permits

Any event that occurs outside normal University business hours is considered a special event, and will require a meeting with a member of the Student Life staff for special event approval prior to confirmation of facility reservation.  This also includes events that require reservation and/or delivery of equipment or application for a food service permit.  Any time the event is larger, requires equipment or food permit, or even in some cases a waiver for participation, the organization must first make an appointment with Student Life staff for a special event approval meeting.