Sample Vehicle Liability Information

Suggested for University Recognized Student Organization only. Not intended for Instructionally Related Activities, Associated Students Programs, Club Sports and all other university operations.

Contact the Risk Management Office for further information.

This is an example. You should check with your legal advisor about you and your group's liability exposures.

The (Name of Organization) acknowledges the need for responsible private drivers to provide transportation services for numerous activities that otherwise would not exist without private support.

To ensure that transportation services will be provided in a safe, efficient, and cost effective manner, the following requirements will be met:

  1. The driver will be 18 years of age or over and possess a valid California driver's license.
  2. The driver will be in good physical condition, free of any medications that may affect operation of the vehicle.
  3. The vehicle will be in excellent condition and repair.
  4. The vehicle will have a seat belt for each person being transported.
  5. The vehicle will carry only the number of passengers for which it is designed. In no case will more than nine passengers and a driver be transported in a van or station wagon.
  6. The driver accepts the added responsibility that comes from carrying extra individuals and, therefore, will be conscientious in obeying all driving rules and regulations set forth by the State of California. The California Supreme Court has eliminated the protection of the former California Guest Law; therefore, a guest passenger may sue his host owner/driver.
  7. The driver will have an insurance policy that will act as the prime carrier for any liability incurred with the following results and amounts of coverage:
    Bodily Injury Liability of not less than $100,000 each person with $300,000 each accident.
    Property Damage Liability of not less than $50,000 each accident.
    Combined single limit for Property Damage and Bodily Injury of $300,000 for each accident.

Private Vehicle and Driver Information

Driver's Name(s)
Date of Birth
Driver's License No.
Expiration Date
Telephone No.
Name of Owner
License Plate No.
Registration Expires
Seating Capacity
Number of Seat Belts
Insurance Information
Insurance Company
Policy No.
Expiration Date
Liability Limits of Policy
Name of Agent
Telephone No.

I certify that I have read the enclosed "Private Vehicle Requirements" and the information listed above is true and correct. I understand that if an accident occurs, my insurance coverage shall bear primary responsibility for any losses or claims for damages.

Driver's Signature

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