Listserv Announcement

As a graduating senior you are no doubt trying to decide what you will do next year, or even for the next 5 years.  I want to let you know more about opportunities in the public interest field.

U.S.PIRG is a federation of state-based public interest advocacy groups.  This year we are hiring 100 graduating college students to determine where this country is going: to solve our energy problems; to reform the campaign finance system; to safeguard individuals from identity theft; to fight hunger and homelessness; and make an impact on many other public interest issues.

We will be accepting applications for next year's campus organizer and fellowship programs until May 1, 2009.  I invite you to apply by sending a cover letter and resumé to .

For more information I invite you to check out our website, or send me an email at: .


Colleen Spivey