Fall 2016 Credential Applications

March 1, 2016 is the deadline to apply to a credential program for Fall 2016. Applications may be viewed here. Please utilize our admission guide to assist you with the process. Please note that all required admission exams must have been taken by March 1 in order to qualify for an interview. Please contact an advisor if you have any questions about the admission process. 

Looking for a PAID teaching position?

Are you interested in pursuing a paid teaching position, either before or during a credential program? Even without a bachelor's degree you may be eligible to start gaining experience (and money) teaching in a K-12 setting. Additional information may be found here, or by scheduling an appointment to speak with an advisor.

Rural Schools Collaborative

The Rural Schools Collaborative is requesting your stories about rural schools.

If you, your students, your teacher, or somebody else you know is building strong bridges between town, school, and place, please let us know.