MA: Curriculum & Instruction Option

The Curriculum and Instruction Option is a multidisciplinary program that helps educators broaden their knowledge of learning and educational concepts, and advance their ability to develop curriculum and plan instruction for the improvement of learning. The MA in Education is geared for credentialed or licensed K-12 teachers. (MA program is a minimum of 30 units)

The Process of applying to the MA program
Culminating Activities in the MA program

MA Core Requirements (6 units)
EDMA 600  Critical Perspectives in Education 
EDMA 610 Introduction to Inquiry in Education
Curriculum & Instruction Course Requirements (9 units)
EDCI 601  Curriculum Development & Instructional Design
EDCI 602 Assessment & Evaluation of Learning
EDCI 611 Analysis of Instruction
Curriculum & Instruction Electives- (9-12 units)
BLMC 518 Language & Communication Skills for English Learners
BLMC 536 Intro to Multicultural Education
BLMC 672 Methods & Strategies for 2nd language Acquisition
EDCI 620 Creativity Trends in Education
EDCI 628 Advanced Classroom Organization & Management
EDCI 656 Rural & Small School Education
EDCI 657 Seminar in Literature for Children and Young Adults a Multicultural World
EDCI 675 Digital Media and Online Learning
SPED 580 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders
SPED 680 Advanced Methods for Autism Disorder
SPED 691 Collaboration in Education
Culminating Activity (3-6 units)
EDMA 611 Research Seminar in Education
EDMA 699 Thesis/Project
Comprehensive Exam
EDMA 696 Synthesizing Experience in Education