The Process

  1. Consult with the coordinator of the program of interest. The program coordinator will provide information to help you get started on the MA program of your choice.
  2. Apply for admission to Graduate Studies and the MA in Education.
    • Apply online at CSU Mentor
    • To be accepted, you must be in good academic standing at the last institution attended, and hold an acceptable baccalaureate degree. Furthermore, the MA in Education is geared for credentialed or licensed K-12 teachers.
    • You must have a GPA of 3.0 in the last 30 semester units attempted and a 2.75 in the last 60 semester units attempted.
    • With School of Education approval, you will be accepted at classified status and assigned an initial MA advisor.
    • The School of Education also requires an Initial Writing Assessmentt as part of the application process. This response document should be e-mailed to Dr. Ann Schulte within two weeks of your application. The initial writing assessment is part of our application process and thoughtful consideration is needed in completing and submitting it. If your writing skills are not deemed strong enough, you may be denied and not accepted or you may be admitted to the program with conditional status. If you are admitted with conditional status, you will be required to take our credit/no credit one-unit writing course offered through the university's Regional Center for Continuing Education for an additional fee to help you improve your academic writing, citing, and referencing skills and move you from conditional status to classified status.
    • If you are applying to the Educational Administrative MA Program, a School of Education credential application (pdf) is required in addition to the Graduate School Application.
  3. By the time you complete 12 units of MA courses from the list of required and elective courses for your MA option, be sure to:
    • Obtain a copy of the Guide to Graduate Studies.
    • Meet with your assigned advisor and develop your MA program plan (writable pdf).
    • Ask your MA advisor to approve your plan and submit it to the graduate coordinator.
  4. While taking the first 12 units of MA courses, you must also:
    • Select the type of Culminating Activities you will use to complete your MA program and communicate your choice to your MA adviser and the graduate coordinator. Options include the thesis, project or comprehensive exam. (See definitions in culminating activities.)
    • If you select a thesis or project, you will register for EDMA 611: Research Seminar in Education during the semester you will begin writing your research proposal, and EDMA 699T/P: Thesis/Project, during the semester you will complete your thesis or project.
    • If you select the comprehensive exam, you will register for EDMA 696: Synthesizing Experience in Education during your last semester before graduating.
  5. Apply for advancement to candidate status through your MA adviser after completing 15 units and before you begin your final semester.
    • A student is advanced to candidate status only after demonstrating significant ability and aptitude for the discipline of education. Before advancement to candidate status, the student must complete EDMA 610 and have a graduate GPA of 3.0 or better. It is your responsibility to ask your MA advisor to review your progress and obtain the application for advancement to candidacy form. To apply for candidate status, the following must be submitted to your MA advisor for signature. The packet then gets submitted to the graduate coordinator for review.
      1. Application for advancement to candidacy (advisor provides this)
      2. Advancement to candidacy form (advisor provides this)
      3. A non-scored copy of your Graduate Literacy Writing Assignment from EDMA 610 (the Mini-Lit Review)
      4. A paper you have written for another graduate course. (The second paper may be specified by the program option; it cannot be your thesis or project chapters 1 or 2 written in EDMA 611.)
  6. Register for EDMA 696 or EDMA 699 in the final semester.
    • You must be advanced to candidate status to enroll in EDMA 696 or 699. Registration in these courses requires approval of your MA advisor and the graduate coordinator.
  7. Complete the courses listed on your program plan, including the culminating activity.
    • Stay in communication with your MA advisor. Be sure to meet Graduate School deadlines and maintain continuous enrollment in fall and spring semesters.
  8. Apply for graduation early in your final semester in the program.
    • Pick up a graduation packet from Graduate Studies in Student Services Center, Rm 460 or call 898-6880. Complete the graduation clearance form and take it to your MA advisor for review and approval.