Teaching English Learners & Special Education Advising Patterns

  • Teaching English Learners
  • Special Education

Candidates in this program will complete four courses in the Research Strand, three courses in the Content Strand, and the remaining courses in the selected emphasis area. 

The Teaching English Learners content emphasis area prepares educators with advanced knowledge and skills to meet the needs of English Learners. Candidates will analyze instructional practice that promotes language development and makes grade-level content accessible to English Learners. The nature of culture, cross-cultural communication and how issues of culture influence knowledge construction will be examined. Fifteen units of the "Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential Program with Bilingual Authorization" can be applied toward an MA in Education. In order to receive the MA, you may choose to do an additional 15 units of graduate-level coursework. View the coursework required for this pattern here.

The Special Education content emphasis area prepares candidates with advanced knowledge in current and emerging issues facing special education. Candidates will examine current policy and practices to ensure that students with disabilities receive instructional interventions that maximize learning outcomes. Candidates complete a 30-unit program consisting of coursework in special education, literacy, teaching English learners, and research. Twelve to 15 units of the Concurrent/Education Specialist Credential Program can be applied toward the MA in Education, Special Education pattern. View the coursework required for this pattern here.

The Process of applying to the MA program
Culminating Activities in the MA program