MA: Teaching International Language (TIL)
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Faculty and Staff

Hilda Hernández, PhD, Stanford University
Professor, Department of Education
TIL Graduate Coordinator

Contact for general program information, program requirements, advising and planning a course of study, and for questions about course work in education.

Margaret DuFon, PhD, University of Hawaii
Professor, English Department
TIL Advisory Board Member

Contact for specific questions about course work in English, Linguistics and Literacy, and tutoring in English as a Foreign Language.

Rony Garrido, PhD, University of Arizona
Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
TIL Advisory Board Member

Contact for specific questions about course work in Foreign Languages and Literatures (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese).

Mark J. Morlock, PhD, Washington State University
Professor, Department of Economics
Associate Dean, School of Graduate, International and Interdisciplinary Studies
TIL Advisory Board Member 

Contact for specific questions about the World Languages and International Studies Resource Facility, the Self-Instructional Language Program (SILP), and for a student perspective on the TIL program.