Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (PASC) Program

PASC Cohort

The School of Education offers a post-baccalaureate program leading to the California Preliminary Administrative Services Credential for education professionals seeking a career as a public school administrator. With this credential you can serve as an assistant superintendent, principal, assistant principal, supervisor, coordinator, or other equivalent level administrator in California public schools.

PASC Program candidates join a cohort of peers and colleagues who progress through the program together.  In the program candidates have learning experiences with each of the six California Educational Leadership Domains in each of the four courses. Instruction and field experiences are organized across ten strands. Site-based field experiences are aligned with each strand. A series of ePortfolio tasks, also aligned with the strands and the California Administrator Performance Expectations, serve as the primary candidate assessments of competence and proficiency.

Program completers who hold the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential and take positions in California schools have the foundations of educational leadership necessary to begin qualifying for the Clear California Administrative Services Credential granted through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).

Program Courses

PASC Program Courses have been designed to form a developmental sequence of learning. Each course is six semester units for a program total of 24 units. Candidates progress through the program by completing courses in the order indicated below.


EDAD 631 Educational Leadership: The Literature 

EDAD 632 Educational Leadership: Current Conditions

EDAD 633 Educational Leadership: What Schools Can Be

EDAD 634 Educational Leadership: The First 100 Days


Dr. Michael Gulbransen

PASC Application (Click here for Word version)