Northern California Collaboration for Low Incidence Personnel Preparation (NorCal CLIPP)

NorCal CLIPP is a grant program offered for students to earn the Education Specialist Moderate/Severe Credential with grant funding to pay for course fees and books.

This credential allows you to teach students in grades K-12 through age 22, with the primary disabilities of:

  • Autism
  • Moderate/Severe intellectual delay
  • Deaf-blind
  • Emotional disturbance
  • Multiple disabilities

Grant Funding Available

As a student in the NorCal CLIPP grant program, you will receive up to $8,125 of grant funds to pay for course fees and books, with an agreement to teach in a special education classroom upon program completion.

Why Choose NorCal Clipp?

  • Join a program that provides students with moderate to severe disabilities the high-quality education they  need and deserve
  • Benefit from an enhanced support network that will ensure success in the program as well as in the profession
  • Enter a growing field with many current employment opportunities
  • Participate in online and face-to-face classes designed to fit around a teacher’s schedule

Application Process and Deadlines

  1. Schedule an appointment with the School of Education academic advisor, Andrew Nichols, to review your unofficial transcripts and determine which prerequisites/program plan you will need.  Send a copy of your unofficial transcripts to Andrew by email ( before the appointment.
    Andrew Nichols
    School of Education
    Tehama Hall 101

  2. Complete prerequisite courses before entering the credential program. Visit Education Specialist Moderate/Severe Credential Program Course Sequence for a list of prerequisite courses.

  3. Submit your Education Specialist Program Application. If you are not a current CSU, Chico student, or are graduating at the end of the semester please refer to information below (Admission to CSU, Chico).  

  4. Submit your Application for NorCal CLIPP Grant Program upon acceptance into the Education Specialist Moderate/Severe Credential Program.
  5. Candidates will be notified of their acceptance status by email after all application materials are received.

Admission to CSU, Chico

If you are new to CSU, Chico, have been out of school for a semester or more, or are graduating at the end of the semester, you must apply for admission to the University. View complete instructions for the admission process at the Office of Graduate Studies.  (Apply online at: and if you need assistance, call CSUC Graduate Studies Office, 530-898-6880.)  You are required to hold an acceptable baccalaureate degree and have a Grade Point Average of 2.75 for your last 60 semester units and 3.0 for your last 30 semester units in order to be accepted for admission. If your GPA is below either of these, inquire at the School of Education about the GPA appeal process.

A Service Obligation is Required

If you are accepted into the NorCal CLIPP grant program and receive funding, you will be required to work in the field of special education or related services for two years for each year you have received funding. The Personnel Development Program Data Collection Center (DCC) is responsible for tracking the service obligations of scholars funded by our grant.  You will also be required to update DCC annually with your contact and employment information. Visit for complete information about the service obligation process.

There are several documents you should read before applying for the NorCal CLIPP grant program:

  1. Read Personnel Development Program Regulations for complete regulations about the service obligation required for this grant program, including definitions of terms, regulations and requirements for the grantee (CSU, Chico), and regulations and requirements for scholars.
  2. Read Frequently Asked Questions: Service Obligation and Repayment Requirements for specific details about the service obligation, repayment requirements, types of eligible employment, special circumstances, and much more.
  3. Read Frequently Asked Questions about the Service Obligation Tracking System, the system you will be required to use to update NCSO with your contact and employment information until your service obligation is satisfied.

Scholarship Agreement and Exit Certification

The NorCal CLIPP grant program is required to provide scholars with pre-scholarship agreements and exit certifications outlining the terms and conditions of the Personnel Development Program grant funding.

  1. Read the Service Obligation Agreement you will be required to sign before grant funds will be disbursed to you.
  2. Read the Exit Certification you will complete when you exit the program, listing your date of program completion, total funds you received, and your service obligation details.

Contact information:

Joanna Herrera-Van Sickle/Grant Project Assistant
NorCal CLIPP                                           
School of Education
California State University, Chico
Chico, CA  95929-0220
Email: / 
Phone: (530) 898-5744
Fax: (530) 898-6177