Internship Information

The Internship Pathway is an alternative pathway to earning a California Teaching Credential that links a professional teacher preparation program with employment as a beginning teacher. Qualified individuals are authorized to teach through a California Education Specialist, Multiple Subject, or Single Subject Intern Credential, valid for two years. Through a partnership between the school district and the School of Education, interns complete a state-approved, CSU, Chico professional education program. Potential interns must first submit an application to a credential program. 

Benefits for the credential student

  • The Internship Program allows candidates to find appropriate paid teaching positions and combine supervised teaching and completion of the teacher preparation courses with employment in a school district.
  • The Intern Credential authorizes up to two years of classroom teaching.

Benefits for the school district

  • The University provides supervision and support for intern teachers and collaborates with school districts to form intern support teams that greatly enhance opportunities for teacher success.
  • Hiring interns can allow school districts to fill positions when credentialed teachers are not available. Interns hold temporary two-year credentials, not emergency permits, and have met subject matter competence requirements.


Intern Credential Packet--These are the documents required in order to qualify for an Intern Credential.

School districts: View the template Letter of Intent to Hire (docx) and internship employer responsibilities (basis for MOU required in Intern packet). If your school district does not have a current contract on file, please contact the School of Education Field Placement Coordinator, Laura Loriano.