Ireland Exchange Opportunity

Each semester the School of Education places one or two student teachers in the schools of Dublin, Ireland, for practicum II of their teacher preparation program. This exchange is part of an international exchange program with St. Patrick's College in Dublin that has been in operation for 30 years. The student teaching experience is supervised by faculty members from St. Patrick's College.

Printed notices about the Ireland Exchange Opportunity are distributed at the beginning of each semester. Information meetings and interviews are held in October and March. Applications are distributed at the initial information meeting. There is a three-week application period. Qualified applicants are interviewed by a panel of faculty members after the close of the application period. Selection is based upon writing skills, scholarship, communication skills, speaking to the intent of the application, and the thoroughness and depth of responses to interview questions. Students interested in applying are recommended to do their homework on Ireland and its current events.

The prerequisites for admission to the Ireland Exchange Opportunity are

  1. Very successful completion of Teaching Practicum I
  2. Completed Ireland exchange application, submitted by due date
  3. Successful participation in an interview with University faculty.

Students will be in the classroom in Ireland for about the same amount of time as their peers in the Chico area. The expense of tuition, travel, food, and housing will be up to the student. Full-time tuition and dorm fees will be paid to CSU, Chico. Students accepted will be required to become knowledgeable about Irish and U.S. politics and educational policies.