Concurrent Preliminary Education Specialist and Multiple Subject Credential Program
Course Work
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Course Work

Concurrent Preliminary Education Specialist/Multiple Subject Credential Program Course Work (Fall Program Entry Only)

Fall Semester
EDTE 672 Reading/Language Arts- 4 units
SPED 501 Seminar for Field Experience- 1 unit
SPED 560 Methods for Teaching Math: General & Special Education- 2 units
SPED 562 Methods for Teaching Science/Social Science/Arts: General & Special Education- 3 units
SPED 566 Student Teaching: Multiple Subject- 8 units
SPED 680 Advanced Methods/Curriculum for Students with ASD- 3 units
SPED 692 Classroom Management for Individuals with Exceptional Needs- 3 units
Spring Semester
SPED 501 Seminar for Field Experience- 1 unit
SPED 520 Assessment & Evaluation in General & Special Education- 3 units
SPED 567 Student Teaching: Mild/Moderate Disabilities- 8 units
SPED 664 Academic Lit./Comm. Studies with Disabilities- 3 units
SPED 672 Curriculum & Instruction: Mild/Moderate Disabilities- 3 units
SPED 691 Collaboration in Education- 3 units

Other Special Education Programs Available

  • Undergraduate Minor in Special Education
  • Internships
  • Preliminary Education Specialist, Credential with mild/moderate and/or moderate/severe Disabilities Authorizations
  • Concurrent Preliminary Education Specialist (mild/moderate Disabilities) and Preliminary Single Subject Credential
  • Rural Teacher Residency (MA in Education and Preliminary Education Specialist Credential (mild/moderate Disabilities)

Application deadline is March 1 for fall entry.