Preliminary Education Specialist, Mild/Moderate or Moderate/Severe Disabilities, Credential Program
Course Work
Application (pdf)


Education Specialist Prerequisites
SPED 343* Overview of Special Education - 3 units
SPED 561 Curriculum & Instruction for Inclusive Settings - 3 units
SPED 564
Management of Inclusive Learning Environments - 2 units
SPED 569*
Field Experiences General & Special Education - 3 units
SPED 580 Introduction to Autism - 3 units
Above classes can apply toward an undergraduate minor in special education.
* Must be taken first.
Credential Program Prerequisites
CMST 131 Speech Communication Fundamentals - 3 units
EDTE 302 Access and Equity in Education - 3 units
EDTE 255 Introduction to Democratic Perspectives in K-12 Teaching - 3 units
ENGL 471 Theory and Practice of Second Language Acquisition - 3 units
HCSV 450/451 Health Education For the Elementary (or Secondary - 451) School Teacher - 3 units
POLS 155 American Government: National, State, and Local - 3 units
PSYC 355 Child/Adolescent Psychology - 3 units
PSYC 414 Psychology of Teaching - 3 units

CBEST examination
Verification of approved subject matter preparation program or examination (CSET)

Passage of CBEST/CSET Examinations

The Education Specialist Credential is a K-12 credential. For program entry consideration - applicants will need to provide verification of Subject Matter Competency for an approved subject area. CSU, Chico School of Education accepts the following 3 options for Subject Matter Competency Verification:

For Elementary (Grades K-6) Subject Matter Competency

Pass the CSET Multiple Subject (if applicable) - (Test scores valid for 5 years.)

  • CSET: Multiple SUbject Subtest I, II, III

For Secondary (Grades 7-12) Subject Matter Competency

Bachelors Degree received in Approved Subject Matter 


Pass the CSET - Single Subject - (Test scores valid for 5 years.)

Application deadline is March 1 for fall entry.