Concurrent Preliminary Education Specialist and Single Subject Credential Program
Course Work
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Course Work

Fall Program Entry Only

Fall Semester
EDTE 532 Literacy Development (3 units)
EDTE 533 Subject Area Pedagogy I (4 units)
EDTE 538
Student Teaching Practicum II - Single Subject (9 units)
SPED 501 Seminar for Field Experience (1 unit)
SPED 560 Methods for Teaching Math: General & Special Education (2 units)
SPED 680 Advanced Methods/Curriculum for Students with ASD (2 units)
SPED 692 Classroom Management for Individuals with Exceptional Needs (3 units)
Spring Semester
SPED 501 Seminar for Field Experience (1 unit)
SPED 520 Assessment & Evaluation in General & Special Education (3 units)
SPED 567
Supervised/Student Teaching: Mild/Moderate Disabilities (8 units)
SPED 664 Academic Lit./Comm. Studies with Disabilities (3 units)
SPED 672 Curriculum & Instruction: Mild/Moderate Disabilities (3 units)
SPED 691 Collaboration in Education (3 units)

Other Special Education Programs Available

  • Undergraduate Minor in Special Education
  • Internships
  • Preliminary Education Specialist, Credential with mild/moderate and/or moderate/severe Disabilities Authorizations
  • Concurrent Preliminary Education Specialist (mild/moderate Disabilities) and Multiple Subject Credential Program
  • Rural Teacher Residency (MA in Education and Preliminary Education Specialist (mild/moderate Disabilities Authorization)

Application deadline is March 1 for fall entry.