Bob Kohen, MA

Tehama 437

Bob KohenMr. Kohen is a teacher with forty-four years of teaching experience both nationally and internationally. He has been a college professor, mentor teacher, curriculum task force chairman, and an administrator responsible for curriculum and staff development.

Kohen has conducted staff development sessions for California Lutheran College, CSU, Chico, Butte County Office of Education, Chico Unified School District and for his own professional development company, Education Associates. He has written model curriculum for CTAP and SCORE (Schools of California On-line Resources in Education). His service learning project, "Capturing the Memories," received notice statewide and nationally at several service learning conferences.

Kohen is currently an instructor for the Single Subject Program for the School of Education at CSU, Chico. He has participated in over a dozen programs involving the international teacher training and has conducted teacher workshops in Ukraine and Russia.


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