Michael Kotar, EdD

Tehama 445

Michael KotarDr. Kotar is a constructivist educator interested in the idea that learning occurs when the learner is actively engaged with problems and interests, and from these experiences constructs understanding. Active engagement includes collecting and analyzing data, creating explanations, conversing and collaborating with other learners, teachers, and others, and more. His main areas of work are in science education, K-12 assessment, and research methods for educators.

Current Research:

Kotar is currently conducting research into the effect teacher choice in the selection of professional development has on student outcomes and teacher performance. He is also working to identify connections between approaches to science education and effects on student achievement in language and mathematics, and analyzing discourse events that play a pivotal role in model-based inquiry in science learning. These projects are being conducted collaboratively with faculty in the science education unit at CSU, Chico.

Research Interests:

  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Science Education
  • Learning and Assessment
  • Elementary Education
  • Rural School Leadership
  • Literacy Education
  • Democratic Education
  • The Future of Education
  • Educational Research Methods
  • Technology Applications in Higher Education
  • Teacher Education and Certification

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