Mimi Miller, PhD

Associate Professor
Tehama 427

Dr. Miller teaches and supervises pre-service teachers in the Multiple Subject Credential Program and the Rural Teacher Residency Program. She received her PhD in educational psychology from Stanford University in 1996. Before coming to CSU, Chico, Miller taught middle school in the California public schools, served as a K-12 teacher educator for Project Read/Text Analysis Project at Stanford, and was senior editor at Interact (a curriculum company).

The primary focus of Miller's scholarly work is literacy instruction across academic subjects. Most recently, she co-authored of a book entitled Literacy in Context (LinC): Choosing Instructional Strategies to Teach Reading in Content Areas Grades 5-12, published by Pearson/Allyn & Bacon in 2011. In addition, Miller is interested in the meaningful use of assessment data for student learning and teacher development.

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