Rick Stout, MA, ABD

University Instructor, Supervisor, Program Coordinator
Tehama 265


ABD (All but Dissertation) General School Administration, Montana State University

Clear Administrative Services Credential, CCTC, CA

M.A. Counseling, California State University, Sonoma

PPS Counseling Credential (Life) , CA State Univ. Sonoma

Standard Secondary Teaching Credential, Social Sciences, University of San Francisco

B.A. History / Sociology, Stanford University

Teaching and Research Interests

Mr. Stout is the Program Coordinator for the Master's in Education: Educational Leadership and Administration Option /the Administrative Services Credential. He instructs various courses in the program, and supervises Administrative Interns as well. Additionally, Mr. Stout supervises and teaches pre-service teachers and interns in the Single Subject and Multiple Subject Credential Programs. Part of that assignment is to coordinate the Intern Teaching Program, and supervise Intern Teachers and Intern Administrators in the field.

Mr. Stout received his B.A. degree in History from Stanford University; teaching credential from USF; M.A. degree from California State University, Sonoma, and "all but the dissertation" in General School Administration from Montana State University. He has been an educator (teacher, coach, counselor, administrator for over 35 years, over 28 years as school Principal and/or Superintendent. He currently serves the School of Education, CSU Chico as a Program Coordinator and Instructor in both Master’s level and Pre-Service levels, and also serves as a University Supervisor working with future teachers, administrators, and Intern teachers and administrators.

The primary focus of Mr. Stout's work at the University is to prepare, instruct, and supervise future teachers and administrators to be effective educational leaders for tomorrow's schools.

Teaching Experience at CSU, Chico

Current M.A. Instructor (2005-2016): California State University, Chico, M.A. in Education, (Ed. Leadership and Administration Option) and Admin. Credential program:

  • EDAD 609: Leadership for Educational Equity and Access
  • EDAD 610: Communication Skills for School Administrators
  • EDAD 611: Supervision and Professional Development for School Improvement
  • EDAD 612: School Leadership
  • EDAD 614: Law and Education
  • EDAD 615: Field Based Accountability: Managing for Learning
  • EDAD 830: Administrative Internship
  • EDMA 600: Critical Perspectives in Education
  • EDMA 697: Independent Study
  • EDCI 601: Curriculum Development and Instructional Design
  • EDCI 602: Assessment and Evaluation of Learning
  • EDCI 611: Analysis of Instruction

EDTE Instructor (2010-2016):

  • EDTE 580: Educational Psychology for Teacher Education Candidates
  • EDTE 255: Introduction to Democratic Principles in Teaching (K-12)
  • EDTE 302: Access and Equity

Instructor (1992-1995): CSUC, M.A. in Education/ Administrative Credential Program

  • The Principalship (Secondary/Elementary)
  • School Finance and Facility Planning.

Other Teaching Experience:

  • Guest Instructor (1990-1995): Teacher Credential Program / Job interview process at CSU, Chico
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant: Montana State University, Speech and Communications (Group Process and Interpersonal Relations), (1983-1984)
  • High School Teacher: Santa Rosa High School, US History, (11th grade), (1971-1976)
  • Intern Teacher: Oceana High School, Pacifica, CA ; History, Math.(1970-1971)

Contributions to the University/Community:

  • Coordinating, supervising, mentoring, instructing, and serving as liaison to various schools and communities in the North state served by CSU Chico.
  • Meeting with County Superintendents and District Administrators to give current information on the Educational Leadership and Administration Program at CSU, Chico.
  • Working Native American communities/tribes in planning, starting, and maintaining educational options for Native American students (Ipakanni Early College Charter School) working with the Mooretown Rancheria, Oroville, CA., and recruiting Native “American Administrative Candidates  (Grant recipient)
  • Currently working in 2012-16 with Grant recipients in the School of Education on grant to initiate and coordinate programs that will attract Native American students/teachers from the north state area into programs preparing them for teaching and administrative futures.
  • Serve on Advisory Committee for the ITEC program, School of Education, for students who have declared a desire to become teachers and accelerate their program to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree and Teaching Credential in 4 years.
  • Served on numerous Visiting Accrediting Teams in the North State area through both  WASC and ACSI, assuring that secondary schools are complying with Accreditation Standards.
  • Presenter / consultant at local , state, and/or national levels on Strategic Planning, Tech Prep, Restructuring and Curriculum Reform, Developmental Asset Building, School Safety, and Brain Research and its implications for educators in teaching and learning, community building / home visits.  (1990 – present)
  • History in Chico, Paradise, Oroville communities as a presenter for Tech Prep, Career Focused Education, Seamless Transition K-14, working with Butte College.  Served as chair of 11 school consortium to pursue articulation and new opportunities for students in their transition from high school to college and careers.  Pioneered the College Connection program as Principal of Paradise High School, sending H.S. Seniors to Butte College for their senior year combining their required senior subjects with taking many college courses at the same time.  The University Connection at CSU, Chico was an outgrowth of this program.
  • Previous experience implementing the Teacher / Advisor model; smaller learning communities; and home visit programs in various high schools.
  • Recent experience (Fall 2013) as Keynote Retreat Speaker for Berean High School (private school in Walnut Creek, CA.)   I was the speaker / consultant for a 3-day staff retreat which focused on professional development including sessions on:  Effective Schools / Effective Teaching and Learning; T.E.S.A. (Teacher Expectation / Student Achievement); and Differentiation of Instruction.

Professional Development

Professional Memberships

  • Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)
  • National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP)
  • Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)

Professional Training / Development:

  • Monthly planning, advisory, and professional development meetings to fully implement a Native American P.R.I.E. Grant (Preparation and Retention of Indian Educators) at CSU, Chico. This program recruits, provides assistance, and professional development activities for some 16 Native American teaching candidates and 2 administrative candidates. Training and retention are ongoing priorities. (ongoing)
  • Monthly SOE, and Single Subject meetings / training / professional development on new standards, new procedures, new resources, new reporting requirements, and accreditation / NCATE preparation. (ongoing)
  • Monthly ITEC Advisory Board meetings to discuss student issues, and their progress in the ITEC program and to resolve issues that may arise. (ongoing)
  • Monthly Administrative Team meetings in SOE, CSU, Chico to discuss program restructuring, receiving and implementing new administrative standards, and grant writing to support program efforts. (ongoing)
  • Monthly NCATE coordination and training meetings to prepare for accreditation (ongoing)
  • Blackboard Learn Training Sessions (multiple sessions) (Summer, 2012)
  • Webinar on Equity and Access (Spring, 2013)
  • IPAD Users group @ CSU, Chico to enhance capabilities. (Spring, 2013)
  • OPAL (Observation Protocols to Support English Learners for Academic Literacy) training for all SOE members. (1/23/13)
  • CAVE Orientation: learning of volunteer and service learning opportunities for students (1/28/13)
  • M.A. in Education (Grad Program) orientation and refinement of writing rubric. Training for all Graduate student advisors. (2/5/13)
  • Online correspondence with CCTC responding as stakeholders from CSU, Chico to the newly proposed administrative standards (CPSELS), and administrative performance expectations. (2/27/13)
  • Meeting with Richard Harris, Ed. Leadership Program Coordinator, and learning about the status and plans for Simpson University’s Educational Leadership and Administration Program and their revised credentialing required courses. (2/28/13)
  • Accreditation Visiting Team member for three-day accreditation visit to Alma Heights k-12 school in Pacifica, CA. (3/17,18,19/2013)
  • Best Practices for Understanding Student Populations” in-service training@ Neighborhood Church. (4/17/13)
  • P.I.E (Partners in Education) recognition dinner with credential candidates and their co-operating teachers with keynote speaker/trainer Yvette Jackson speaking on underserved student populations.
  • Workshop / training for Cooperating teachers / Supervisors from sites throughout our service area. Held at Masonic Family Center. (9/25/13)
  • SOE Workshop on new ELD Standards; training and practice with rubrics. (1/16/14)
  • Adobe XI workshop (5 clicks training) for DOE members in TLP. (1/17/14)
  • Region 1 Intern Directors / Coordinator’s Meeting / training in new directives and standards for interns (ELD and otherwise). Meeting held @ CCTC building in Sacramento. (1/31/14)
  • Love of Learning: Maintaining Quality in Hybrid and Online Courses” (CELT training) instructed by Brett Christie in TLP.  (2/14/14)
  • Assistive Technology Workshop: Dr.  Carolyn Musselwhite keynote speaker along with other speakers and case studies @ Elks Lodge, Chico. (2/27/14)
  • Strategies for Teaching Underserved Youth”.  All day workshop featuring Dr. Yvette Jackson, CEO, National Urban Alliance for Effective Education.  (3/12/14)
  • Attendance at Native American Conference in Santa Rosa as a P.R.I.E. participant for training and professional development in the various breakout session and featured speakers. Accompanying students (grant recipients) for training and development. (3/16,17,18/ 2014)

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