Rick Stout, MA, ABD

Tehama 265

Rick Stout, MA, ABDMr. Stout is the program coordinator for the Master's in Education: Educational Leadership and Administration Option/the Administrative Services Credential. He instructs various courses in the program, and supervises administrative interns as well. Additionally, Stout supervises and teaches pre-service teachers in the Single Subject and Multiple Subject Credential Program. Part of that assignment is to coordinate and direct intern teachers.

Stout received his BA degree in history from Stanford University; teaching credential from USF; MA degree from CSU, Sonoma, and "all but the dissertation" in General School Administration from Montana State University. He has been an educator (teacher, coach, counselor, administrator) for over 35 years; over 27 years as school principal and/or superintendent. He still currently serves as a part-time school superintendent/principal, while working with future teachers and administrators at CSU, Chico. The primary focus of Stout's work at the University is to prepare and direct future teachers and administrators to be effective leaders in tomorrow's schools.

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