Teaching Science is Way Cool

Hi, my name is Marco Chinchay. My education at Chico State was instrumental in what I do today. My teaching credential is Single Subject Biology, Life Science and Multiple Subject ESL and Single Subject Spanish. Teaching Science is way cool! It’s exciting, it’s challenging, it’s fun. There are labs, dissections, lots of artwork involved. It allows me to share all sorts of wonderful things about nature and life and physics and chemistry with very young people who are excited to learn about the world they live in and about themselves as well. Keeps us current. There’s new things going on all the time and we can always tap into those. Something comes out on the news and the kids want to know about it. That’s what I like about being a science teacher. I’ve been at Chico Junior High for 13 years. I graduated in 1996, I got hired in 1996 and here I am.