Remember your first days on campus? One of your worries might have been whether you would ever have a tight group of buddies here like you had at home. Now your social calendar is almost full, but how about making some new kinds of friends? You have friends from your apartment complex, and chums from your old dorm. You've met pals at your gym and at bars, but how about some friends that share your academic interests and occupational goals? How about joining a campus club? Here are some of the ones that might tantalize a Social Science major.

Joining any of the following activities will enhance your experience on the Chico campus. The benefits may continue. Marvin Walberg is a job search consultant. In his book, About Getting Hired: The Job Search, he argues that joining a club helps you learn more in your classes. In addition, people who joined a professional/social club AND served on club committees or ran for office, developed organizational, leadership, and administrative skills that were very appealing to future employers.

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Interested in History?

Contact the History Department office (Trinity 223) if you are interested in either of these clubs:

Phi Alpha Theta. A national honor society open to anyone with a genuine interest in history. You need to have completed 12 units in history with a GPA of at least 3.1, and a GPA of at least 3.0 in two-thirds of your other course work.

CLIO. Open to anyone with an interest in history.

Interested in Economics?

Economics Club. This is open to all interested persons. It is both a social and a business organization which meets once a week in the BMU. For more information, please contact the Economics office, Butte 603.

Interested in Geography?

Gamma Theta Upsilon. A national honor society open to those who meet admission standards. For application information, please contact Dr. N. Sato, Butte 535.

Club Geo. This is a social and public service organization. For information, please contact the Geography Department, Butte 507.

Interested in Child Development?

The Child Development Student Association (CDSA) is an all-purpose group for those interested in children. The group does social service projects, conducts "fun activities," and provides information on various aspects of professions that serve children. Please see the CDSA bulletin board on the first floor of Modoc Hall, across from Modoc 114. A membership drive usually occurs at the beginning of the semester.

Interested in Gerontology, Health Science, or Health and Human Services?

Join the Health Professionals Club! For more information, contact the Department of Health and Community Services, Butte 607.

Interested in Psychology?

Psi Chi. A national honor society open to those who have completed at least 12 units in Psychology with a B average of better. Applications are accepted at the beginning of each semester.

Psychology Association. An organization open to all with an interest in psychology. Please consult the Psychology bulletin boards on the first floor of Modoc Hall, or Dr. E. Vela.

Western Psychological Association. This is the regional professional association. It hosts activities for students in conjunction with its annual convention in the spring. For more information, please write to:

L. Gray-Shelberg, Ph.D.
Coordinator for Teaching and Student Activities
Department of Psychology
CSU, Dominguez Hills
Dominguez Hills-Carson, CA 90747

Interested in Anthropology?

The Anthropology Society is open to all persons with an interest in anthropology. It is a very active student group, which publishes a very polished newsletter. To obtain information about membership, please contact the Anthropology Department Office, Butte 311.

Interested in Teaching?

Student California Teachers Association. Applications are available on the association's bulletin board on the second floor of Modoc, down the corridor from the Office of Professional Preparation.

Interested in Sociology?

Call the Sociology Department for club information at 898-6384.