Social Science

Welcome to Social Science - a myriad of opportunities!

As a Social Science major, everyone knows you want to work with people. The question is what kind of people and where? Do you want to work with elderly people, young people, or physically challenged people? Do you want to work with people in groups, alone, or in couples? Do you want to work with people in schools, in hospitals, in foster homes, or in retirement communities?

The BA in Social Science can help you answer these questions as it is designed for students who have a broad interest in the behavioral and social sciences. It is broad so that you learn a lot about many things, and it is broad so that you need to answer lots of questions like the ones above to chart your career.

The Social Science Program includes the disciplines of anthropology, child development, economics, geography and planning, health and community services, history, political science, psychology, sociology, social work, and gender and multicultural studies. The following pages will help you determine if you wish to take the breadth or depth pattern and how you wish to pursue your goals. Please enjoy!


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