Is an internship required?

The major in Social Science does NOT require an internship, but you should consider trying to work one into your schedule. An internship can be a rewarding experience that enhances your education. Students who are interested in an internship must meet with the program advisor and/or coordinator. An internship in Social Science must relate to the major and/or the student's career goals. All internships must be approved by the program coordinator. Please contact the Social Science Advisor ( for more information.

What are the requirements for an internship?

Student Responsibilities:


  • Student interns work a minimum of 135 hours in their internship for 3 academic units/credits (90 hours for 2 units; 45 hours for 1 unit) over the course of the semester or the summer.
  • The intern and his/her Site Supervisor are to keep track of the intern's work hours.
  • The intern will keep a weekly journal. The journal should contain details of intern duties, problems, ideas for improvements, and any other details that may help the intern in writing their final paper. The journal will be emailed to the Faculty Supervisor by Monday of finals week.
  • The intern will turn in a four page paper. The paper should be a reflection on the internship experience and how it relates to course concepts and career goals. The paper will be emailed to the Faculty Supervisor by Monday of finals week.
  • Student interns are expected to report for the internship when scheduled, be on time, and follow any of the office guidelines about breaks, signing in and out, etc.  
  • Student interns should discuss any requests for days off (e.g., Thanksgiving break, spring break, final exam week, etc.) with their internship supervisor as soon as their internship is established.  Supervisors are encouraged to be flexible in granting any time off (as long as the intern will complete his/her required number of hours), but it is understood that it may not be possible to grant the time off.
  • Student interns are to dress professionally, behave in a professional manner at all times, treat co-workers, supervisors and the public/clients with respect, and follow the instructions and guidance of their supervisor.
  • Student interns are to communicate immediately with the Social Science Program Coordinator, Dr. Eugenie Rovai (, if they have any concerns or questions about their internship.


Site Supervisor Responsibilities:


  • Intern supervisors are expected to give interns work that gives the intern a professional experience, one that introduces the intern to the responsibilities and expectations of the professional employees.  The intern should not do only clerical work, for this is meant to be a professional experience.  The intern may not be asked to do personal errands or chores for their supervisor or other office employees.
  • Intern supervisors agree to contact the Faculty Supervisor on Monday of finals week to report on the intern's responsibilities and performance over the semester.
  • Supervisors are encouraged to discuss any problems or questions about the intern or the internship with the Social Science Program Coordinator, Dr. Eugenie Rovai ( as soon as they arise.


Examples of Social Science internships:

Panetta Institute for Public Policy

CSU, Chico Career Center

Butte Environmental Council

Victim Witness Assistance

Bidwell Academy for Young Children

CSU, Chico Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

International Rescue Committee

Cline & Duplissea Advocacy Firm

Capital City Early Head Start

CSU, Chico AS Recycling

Sutter County Department of Child Support Services

CSU, Chico Academic Advising

North Marysville High School

United Health Care

Modoc County CalWORKS

Foothill High School

UCLA Labor Occupational Safety and Health Program

Pillars Academy

Catalyst Domestic Violence Services

CSU, Chico Student Learning Center

Chico Community Children’s Center

Torres Community Shelter

Business Career Network

Vista Verde Middle School

CSU, Chico Accessibility Resource Center

Plumas Rural Services


CSU, Chico EOP

Boys and Girls Clubs of Sonoma Valley

Esperanza High School

Pleasant Valley State Prison

Johnsonville School

Redding Library

Lassen Career Network

Stonewall Alliance

Private Industry Council

Safe Place

Women’s Resource Clinic

Almond Blossom Senior Care

Citrus Elementary School

Conflict Resolution Center

Redding Police Department

Butte Community Employment Center

Women’s Health Specialists

Lassen Community College


Academy for Change

Butte College Career Center

West Hills College

Valley Oak Children’s Services

Planned Parenthood

Independent Living Services

United Way of Northern California


Enterprise High School


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