Why graduate in spanish with honors?

The Honors BA in Spanish requires the study of a broader spectrum of literature and literary theory of Spanish-speaking Latin America and Spain, and the Honors Thesis. The ability to carry through to completion a challenging Seminar and a research and writing project of sophisticated nature will illustrate to potential graduate programs and/or employers the level of self-motivation, intellectual curiosity, and goal-oriented character of our students. Above all, the sense of fulfillment in such an accomplishment� is a reward in itself. Successful completion of all Honors in the Major requirements will be noted on the student�s permanent academic record, who will receive a certificate of completion and a medal from the Department.

What subjects are covered in the Honors Seminar?

�The Honors Seminar in Spanish is based on a cross-section of the Department�s MA Reading list and of� Spanish MA� programs in our area. A syllabus of the Seminar can be found in the FLNG Web page.

Who teaches the Honors Seminar?

Dr. Pilar Alvarez-Rubio will be teaching the first Seminar in Fall 05.� Then, other professors of Spanish will take turns in teaching it every Fall.

Who directs the Honors Thesis?

The student must ask a professor familiar with his/her work and interests to be his/her Thesis director.�

Do I qualify for the Honors in Spanish Program?

If your overall GPA is at least 3.3� and your Spanish GPA is 3.5 you are potentially eligible.� Ask a professor who knows you to reccomend you to the Honors Coordinator.

When should I apply to the Honors Program?

Anytime after the completion of the core courses (see Honors in Spanish Handout). Students should take the Honors in Spanish Seminar preferably in their Junior year so that they complete their Honors Thesis either on the second semester of their Junior year or at the latest on the first semester of their Senior year.

What grade must I obtain in the Seminar and the Thesis to graduate with Honors in Spanish?

At least a B.�