Student Philanthropy Council

The Student Philanthropy Council is a group of student ambassadors who understand the impact giving has at Chico State. We’re promoting the spirit of giving back among our classmates and building a culture of philanthropy at our University.


’Cats got your back

There’s no doubt that Wildcats have each other’s backs. Together, we can power change in each other’s lives. The Student Philanthropy Council is dedicated to doing just that—powering change through giving back—right here, right now. That’s why we’re raising money for student scholarships, educational programs, cultural and recreational activities, and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

Are you with us?

Giving back through the Student Philanthropy Council supports the Chico State Fund. Whether you donate $1, $5, or $25, you’re making a big statement to every student on this campus. We may roam far and wide, but we will always be the heart of Chico State—today, tomorrow, and for life. It’s on us to make each other better, it’s on us to create the change we want to see. Thank you for doing your part, thank you for having our back—know, we’ll always have yours.


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2016-2017 SPC Members

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