100% Certified Award and Recognition Program

We want to get as many student organizations involved in this great cause as possible! So, we established the 100% Certified Award and Recognition Program. If every individual member of your student organization donates, your organization will receive the following:

  • A plaque from the Student Philanthropy Council, recognizing your organization’s 100% participation
  • A formal letter from university administration, thanking and recognizing your organization’s commitment to supporting your fellow students, Chico State, and higher education
  • Recognition on Student Philanthropy Council social media sites
  • An email to your national headquarters, informing them of your organization’s accomplishment, if desired)

Download the recognition rules and guidelines to help your organization become 100% certified!

The following organizations are 100% certified for the 2015–2016 academic year. These organizations are not only supporting higher education but making an enormous impact on the lives of countless students on campus.

  • The Chico State Calling Center
  • Kappa Sigma
  • Lambda Chi Alpha
  • Eta Mu Theta
  • Delta Xi Phi
  • Sigma Omega Phi
  • Lambda Sigma Gamma
  • Epsilon Sigma Rho
  • Upsilon Kappa Delta
  • Sigma Pi
  • Theta Chi