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Office of the Registrar

Graduation Advising

  • Advises students about progress towards graduation
  • Assists in the application for graduation
  • Facilitates degree conferral

Academic Publications and Scheduling Services

  • Directs academic and non-academic program editors in revising and creating content for the University Catalog
  • Coordinates catalog course offerings and descriptions
  • Coordinates and facilitates semester class location and scheduling
  • Provides access to the directory database and support to the departmental directory maintainers
  • Generate and maintain the official Academic Calendar, Class Schedule, and University Catalog


  • Creates and maintains articulation agreements with educational institutions in California 

Degree Audit Program

  • Implement and maintain the degree progress report
  • Code and support automated articulation of transfer credit

Office of Veterans' Affairs

  • Strives to support veterans, reservists, and dependents of disabled or deceased veterans to receive educational benefits

Student Records and Registration

  • Coordinates registration for each semester
  • Processes verification of enrollment
  • Produces transcripts of student academic records
  • Facilitates the grading process
  • Maintains the student academic record
  • Supports the accuracy and integrity of student data
  • Compiles and submits required reports to the Chancellor's Office for current students