Staff Council Seeking Participants for University Shared Governance Committees

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the University’s shared governance process!  A current list of University-wide committees for 2014-15 can be accessed on the Staff Council forms webpage. 

The deadline for submission of requests is June 12th .  You may scan and email your completed request form to the Staff Council office.  If you would rather send it through campus mail, please send your completed form to Michelle Berglund-Smith at OCNL 215, Zip 410.
Depending on the number of responses we receive, we may not be able to honor your first committee choice. We suggest that you select up to three committees of interest, and at the bottom of the form please rank them in order of your interest. Questions regarding the committees can be directed to the Staff Council office until June 12th.   After June 12th, you may direct committee questions to Governance Chair Becky DeVault.  

We hope that you consider being part of this important process!