Contact Information

The Staff Council office is located in Sierra Hall Annex, corner of Third and Chestnut Streets (SH001). Phone: 898-5905

Annette Heileson, Staff Council Chair, 898-6805

Don Converse, Staff Council Vice Chair, 898-4499,

Jackie McMillan, Staff Council Treasurer, 898-4379,

Nicole Davis, Staff Council Secretary, 898-5632,

James Aird, Governance Committee Chair, 898-6470,

Cindy Kelly, Service Projects Committee Chair, 898-6897,

Melissa Cheatham, Staff Recognition Committee Chair, 898-4261,

Rachelle Sousa, Ways & Means Committee Chair, 898-4441,

Current 2015-2016 Listing of Staff Council Members

Current 2015-2016 Listing of Staff Council Ex-Officio Members

Melanie O'Connor, Office Manager, 898-5905,      

MAILING ADDRESS: Staff Council, 400 W. First Street, Chico, CA 95929-0160 (office closed June 22 through August 20)

PHONE: 898-6156; Voicemail: ext 1-Staff Council Student and General Office; ext 2-Staff Council Chair; ext. 3-Melanie O'Connor;

FAX: 898-4797