Celebrating Our Awesome Staff

Staff Caught Being Awesome

Beginning in March 2015, Staff Council began recognizing our campus staff members in a new way.  We launched our "Staff Caught Being Awesome" program to continue to honor and thank our hard-working staff.  Any Chico State staff employee is eligible to be nominated by any administrator, faculty, student, or staff peer.  Nominations are accepted from the first of each month through the last Wednesday of each month through Staff Council email.  Staff who are nominated are featured on our Staff Council Facebook page on the first working day of every month (except for July and August) and honored with the nominator's description of why they are awesome, and a picture of the staff member.  Staff who are "caught being awesome" also receive an appreciation certificate from the Staff Council Chair and signed by their supervisor.

We hope you will "catch staff being awesome" and let us know about it!

Here's who has been "caught being awesome" this month! 
For individual "caught being awesome" stories - find them on the Staff Council Facebook page!

October 2016

Brian Awesome
Lynn AwesomeMary Awesome

Brian Anderson
Communications Account Services
Lynn Abbiati
Office of Institutional Research
Mary Argetsinger
Facilities Management Services

September 2016

Kathleen AwesomeDeanne Elaine Awesome
Jenny Awesome

Kathleen Moroney
Office of VP for Student Affairs

      Deanne Smith & Elaine Kramer
Associated Students Dining
Associated Students Catering Services
Jenny Breed
Center for Healthy Communities

Previous Staff "Caught Being Awesome"

January 2016

Rachelle AwesomeJim Awesome

Rachelle Sousa
School of Education
James Aird
Technology & Learning Program

September 2015

Ken Naas
Chico State Career Center

Ken Naas Caught Being Awesome

Summer 2015

Xeng Xiong
Teddy Teague
Tziager Yang

Facilities Management & Services

ted xeng xiong tehama


May 2015

Scott Taylor

Facilities Management & Services

Annette Heileson

Administrative Support Coordinator
Nutrition & Food Science

JD Dauterman

Supervising Carpenter
Facilities Management & Services

Terry Wilson

Administrative Support Assistant
Student Judicial Affairs

**Not pictured:
Hugh Hammond
Bell Memorial Union Administration

Scott Caught Being AwesomeAnnette Caught Being AwesomeJD Caught Being AwesomeTerry Caught Being Awesome           

April 2015

Jessica Dietrich

Public Contact Coordinator
Office of Admissions

Jen Ledoyan
Jamile Balli
Jeff Logsdon
Lamar Andrews

Admissions Counselors
Office of Admissions

Kathleen Huber

Administrative Support Assistant
Print & Mail Services                         

ADMS Counseling Staff Caught Being AwesomeKathleen Caught Being Awesome

March 2015

Ricardo Carillo

Facilities Management & Services   

Megan Fontes

Gift Processor
University Advancement Services

Ricardo Caught Being AwesomeMegan Caught Being Awesome

February 2015

Jeff Miles

Garden Specialist
Facilities Management & Services

Carmen Landini

Administrative Support Assistant
Office of the Registrar

Michelle Holmes

Administrative Support Coordinator
Office of the Registrar                                

Mariah Dyson-Smith

Assistant Registrar
Office of the Registrar

Jeff Caught Being AwesomeOffice of the Registrar Caught Being Awesome