Sigma Tau Delta, English Honor Society

Our Mission

Sigma Tau Delta, also known as the International English Honor Society, seeks to create a "fraternity" in the true sense of the word. As an academic honor society, our first priority is to confer recognition among those students who actively strive to achieve in the discipline of English.

After lying dormant for a period of several years, the Chico State Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Kappa Tau, was resurrected in the spring of 2004. Since then, the chapter has grown into an active organization with a formidable membership. Each year, members choose events that are important to them, and become active in the Chico State community, organizing and promoting their event.

Our chapter also serves as a vehicle for members to voice their opinions regarding the impact of administration policies on the quality of education at Chico State. In the past we have effectively communicated our concerns regarding class and budget cuts to faculty and administrators, including the president and the dean of the HFA College. We plan to continue championing causes we feel are in the best interest of Sigma Tau Delta members and all English majors alike.

Sigma Tau Delta at Chico State is also a group for like-minded individuals to network, make friends, and feel welcomed and honored for their contributions to the university. We also serve as a valuable academic resource for our members and coordinate appropriate workshops for those who plan to submit their work for publication or enroll in graduate school. And we are, of course, a true democracy where every person's voice is heard and recognized.