Sigma Tau Delta, English Honor Society

Become a Member

We realize that the rules dictated by the IEHS head office make it particularly difficult for freshmen and those who have recently changed majors to join. Nevertheless, we welcome any student interested in the English language and its literature to join us in our activities and meetings, especially those who are not yet qualified, but plan to be in the future. Please do not let bureaucracy keep you from experiencing Sigma Tau Delta!

In order to vote on group referendums, hold officer positions, or declare you affiliation with our group, you must possess either an "active" or "associate" membership as issued by the head office of the IEHS. Both memberships are available to undergraduate and graduate students alike.

Criteria for Becoming an Active Member:

Criteria for Becoming an Associate Member:

Associate membership is also available to faculty members with a degree in English.

(Please note: Associate members are not allowed to hold officer positions.)

Membership fee:

In addition to the academic requisites, there is a one-time only fee of $37. You will thereafter be a lifetime member of Sigma Tau Delta. For your contribution you will receive a handsome certificate with the Sigma Tau Delta seal, and a complimentary lapel pin.

For more information on membership, please contact our faculty advisor, Dr. Geoff Baker, or one of our officers.