Sigma Tau Delta, English Honor Society


There is a wealth of resources available to the members of Sigma Tau Delta from both our local chapter and the parent organization. Here is only a partial list of the many benefits you can expect to receive from being a member of Sigma Tau Delta at Chico State.


Alpha Kappa Tau provides excellent opportunities to become involved in the literary community of the university. Ranging from co-sponsorship of Writer's Voice readings, to the Spring Into Reading children's fair, to the HFA Spring Symposium, our organization makes it easy to get in the action. At our meetings you will be made aware of many happenings going on in the campus academic and literary worlds, and because you will be participating with the support of a group, you will feel comfortable and confident.

Creative Writing

A big part of many of our members' lives is not only reading literature, but also creating it (or attempting to, anyway). For this reason, we hold writing workshops at pre-arranged dates throughout the year where members can bring in their own writing and receive positive criticism. These workshops usually coincide with deadlines for the campus literary publication, Watershed.

Guest Speakers

Occasionally,a guest speaker—usually a member of the English faculty—may come to a meeting and lecture on one of their areas of expertise. These meetings are excellent opportunities for members to have an intimate academic exchange with their teachers, as well as sharpen their literary knowledge.

International Level

The overall International English Honor Society is one of the largest academic honors societies in the world and commands a large amount of capital. Financial resources are directly passed on to the members in the form of scholarships, grants, awards, publications and so on. Below is a brief list of the opportunities one can expect to find once they've joined Sigma Tau Delta.


Every year the society offers scholarships in the university age tiers of Junior, Senior and Graduate, as well as several other special category scholarships. Some are worth up to two thousand dollars apiece! For a complete listing, visit:


The IEHS publishes two literary journals per year. One, The Rectangle, publishes fiction, creative-nonfiction, and poetry. The Sigma Tau Delta Review publishes academic criticism from across the discipline. Cash prizes are given to top submissions in many categories. Both journals only accept submissions from members of Sigma Tau Delta. For more information, visit:

Annual Conference

Every year, Sigma Tau Delta holds a massive national convention in which members from across the world congregate to present their papers on all topics relating to the study of English language and literature. Keynote speakers at these conventions are always authors of the highest caliber. For more information on this year's convention, visit:


Sigma Tau Delta also offers many internships and job opportunities. The home website has a wealth of information, as well as a merchandise ordering page, where you can get all that cool graduation gear, and gifts for mom and dad. Visit: