Assessment of GMSM Methods


Assessment of Ground Motion Selection and Modification (GMSM) Methods (2006-2011)

Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center 

Funded by the California Department of Transportation and the Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Project goals: 

Phase I (2006-2009): Evaluate current GMSM methods based on comparisons of structural response predictions from nonlinear dynamic analyses (with focus on building structures).  Develop practical and defensible recommendations regarding appropriate use of GMSM methods.

Phase II (2009-2011): Extend the Phase I study to evaluate methods and provide recommendations regarding GMSM for Caltrans bridge structures.

Personal Contributions: 

Served as Editor of the Phase I technical report and co-author of the Phase II report.

Co-coordinate the work of the working group, including planning/scoping projects, coordinating reporting of findings, as well as pursuit of funding.

Work closely with 15-20 GMSM researchers to collect records sets from each of their methods for evaluation.

Develop structural models and complete nonlinear dynamics simulations to evaluate methods.