Working Group on Structural Component Equivalency Methodologies  (2008-2010)

Applied Technology Council, Redwood City, California

Funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

 Project goals:

Create a guidance document that describes how new types of structural components can be deemed “equivalent” to existing building code approved structural components, ensuring that the structural collapse safety is the same (or better) when the new component is used as part of the structural system.

Create the above document in such a way that the guidelines can be practically used by the International Code Council (ICC) Evaluation Services (ES) as the basis for equivalency approvals for new structural components.

Personal contributions:

Leader of the methodology development Working Group.  I am responsible for approximately 75% of the development on this project, under the guidance of the Project Management Committee (7 members) and under the review of the Project Review Panel (13 members).