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Student Spotlight: Jeffrey Brennan

When Jeffrey Brennan stepped into the study abroad office in the fall of 2003, he had no idea that he would be setting the course for not only the next school year, but also his life after college.

Like many students that decide to study abroad, Brennan didn’t know where he wanted to go, just that he was looking for an adventure. So when Chile was suggested to him, he didn’t have any reason to say no.

“It is a country with plenty of adventure, but not quite third world,” Brennan said.

So in July of 2004, he set off on his year-long adventure to Santiago, Chile.

While there Brennan was able to get in touch with a friends dad who did a lot of business for Weyerhaeuser, a major paper and packaging maker. He was able to have dinner and get his name out to those within the company.

That conversation paved the way to an internship in Chile during the summer of 2006, a year after Brennan’s return from his junior year abroad.

His internship soon lead to a job offer. Brennan was hired by Weyerhaeuser in January of 2007 to sell packaging products to produce companies in Chile.

Since he was hired, Brennan has had the opportunity to travel to Chile four times and stay for about a month at a time, he said.

Not many students get the chance to spend extended periods of time in their host countries after their time abroad, or utilize the international skills they acquired. Brennan was able to make a carrier out of it.

“I mean, wow, I have come so far,” he said. “Now, I can take all that I learned in my travels and use it in my every day life.”