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Wednesdays 5-6 pm in SSC 150

Fridays 2-3 pm in SSC 150

*every week except for holidays, dead week & finals week

Direct Exchanges

These programs are offered through bilateral exchange agreements between CSU, Chico and our partner universities overseas in order to provide students with a complete cultural immersion experience abroad.  Each Direct Exchange program has a unique arrangement upon which the exchange was founded and varies in terms of exchange duration, course offerings, requirements, application procedures and services offered to exchange students. 

All Federal and California financial aid (except Work Study) and student loans apply.

Please read the program-specific brochures listed below for more information on each exchange.

China - Shanghai University 

  • Located in: Shanghai
  • Information and requirements: Full Curriculum Studies. Three or more semesters Chinese required. Fall semester only. 
  • Download Brochure here

England University of Essex

  • Located in: Colchester
  • Information and requirements:  Yearlong exchange, full curriculum studies. 
  • Download Brochure here

France – ENSA Dijon Art & Design 

  • Located in: Dijon
  • Information and requirements: Art. Art Studio and Interior Design students are most suitable, two semesters of French recommended. 
  • Download Brochure here

France – Kedge Business School

  • Located in: Marseille
  • Information and requirements: Business, Accounting, Finance, Law, Management, Marketing, Production, Org Behavior majors. One semester of French recommended.
  • Download Brochure here

Germany- Johannes Gutenberg University

  • Located in: Mainz
  • Information and requirements: Yearlong Exchange, Studio Art (Advanced) or Full Curriculum Studies.
  • Download Studio Art Brochure here
  • Download Full Curriculum Brochure here

Germany- University of Mannheim

Germany – Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences

  • Located in: Prorzheim
  • Information and requirements: International Business, Communications, Environmental Science, Law, Management majors. 
  • http://
  • Download Brochure here

Germany – Zeppelin University

International Cognitive Vizualization (ICV)

  • Located in: Landau, Germany; Grenoble, France and Chico, California.
  • Information and requirements: Two-year dual Master's degree program. 

Ireland - St. Patrick's College (DCU)

Italy University of Florence

  • Located in: Florence
  • Information and requirements: Full curriculum studies, faculty-selected program, advanced Italian required.

Japan - Chukyo University

  • Located in: Nagoya & Toyota
  • Information and requirements: Japanese Language & Culture Studies, Law, Business, Economics. One semester of Japanese language required, more is advised. 
  • Download Brochure here

Japan - Kansai Gaidai University

  • Located in: Hirakata
  • Information and requirements: Asian Studies, Japanese language & culture, Literature, Business, Economics. One semester of Japanese recommended.
  • Download Brochure here

Japan - Shinshu University

Netherlands – Hogeschool van Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences

  • Located in: Amsterdam
  • Information and requirements: Communication Studies, Financial Management, Business Law, Management, Marketing, Business Administration, Public Relations. 
  • http://
  • Download Brochure here

Sweden – Linnaeus University

  • Located in: Kalmar, Växjö & Hultsfred
  • Information and requirements: Kalmar & Växjö: Business, Art/Design, ANTH, Comp Sci, Communication Design, Engineering, Economics, English, Forestry, History, Mathematics, Information Systems, Phy/Life Sciences, Poli Sci, IR, Tourism. Music Industry students have priority in Hultsfred.
  • Download Brochure here