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International Cognitive Visualization (ICV)

International Cognitive Visualization (ICV) is a dual Master's Degree between California State University, Chico, (CSUC), the University Pierre-Mendes-France – Grenoble II, (UPMF), France, and the University of Koblenz, Landau, (UOKL), Germany. All students who participate in this program are required to study abroad.  

International cognitive visualization (ICV) is an emergent area of expertise of cognitive visualization, in the context of international problem solving. A specialist in ICV has a deep understanding of the transaction between computer-based visualization displays and the cognitive and emotional processes of the human mind in designing, and deriving meaning and communicating from, these displays.

Upon completion of the dual degree, graduates find employment as professional visualization specialists within business, education, government, and non-governmental organizations conducting work internationally.   

Eligibility Criteria and Application Process:

 The ICV Program is designed to select twelve students each year from the disciplines of Cognitive Science and Psychology, Business, Applied Computer Graphics, Communication Studies, Educational Science, Instructional Design, or Computer Science. Of the students who apply, six are selected from the United States, three are selected from France, and three are selected from Germany.

Eligibility criteria and the application for the ICV program can be found on the ICV website.

For more information on this program, please contact Dr. Neil Schwartz: