Study Abroad Information Sessions

Wednesdays 5-6 pm in SSC 150

Fridays 2-3 pm in SSC 150

*every week except for holidays, dead week & finals week

Christie Landrie

Oceana Peer Advisor

Christie Landrie is the peer adviser for Australia and New Zealand. In the spring of her Junior year, she went down under and studied abroad at Griffith University in Gold Coast, Australia. She quickly fell in love with the easygoing Aussie culture and all of the new experiences the country had to offer. Surfing in the South Pacific, hiking the Blue Mountains, camping in the outback, and encountering wild Australian animals are just a few of the many adventures she had in this amazing country. She was also lucky enough to spend time exploring the diverse countryside of New Zealand and hopes to travel there again in the near future. She looks forward to sharing her experiences and is very excited to help students plan their own adventures abroad!

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