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Wednesdays 5-6 pm in SSC 150

Fridays 2-3 pm in SSC 150

*every week except for holidays, dead week & finals week

Marcus Mancuso

Media Outreach Assistant

By choosing to study abroad in Torino Italy, Marcus Mancuso made one of the best decisions of his life. He left for Italy as a young California boy from San Jose that was excited to eat pizza and shout Italian words whilst talking with his hands. But what Europe sent back 188 days later was a man that had discovered a true passion for exploring the world. During his time abroad he visited Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, France, Slovakia, Austria, The Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, The UK, and Ireland. He came back much more internationally conscious and is now a worldly traveler capable of navigating European metro systems in his sleep. (Not literally.)

Marcus is a senior working on a major in Communication Design and a minor Photographic Studies. While he was abroad, he created a short documentary that attempted to encapsulate his experience. Upon returning from his semester in Italy abroad, that documentary earned him a role as a Marketing and Recruitment Intern in The Study Abroad Office. He discovered that working to inspire and motivate others to go abroad is a fantastically masochistic way to deal with the withdrawals of travel. Every day he yearns to travel again and spring from the borders of these United States. For the time being, he is content with his new position of Media Outreach Assistant, where he is able to satisfy his passion for filmmaking and his passion for inspiring others to travel.

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