Study Abroad Information Sessions

Wednesdays 5-6 pm in SSC 150

Fridays 2-3 pm in SSC 150

*every week except for holidays, dead week & finals week

Claire von Rohr

Special Events Coordinator

Claire von Rohr is a third year student majoring in Recreation Administration with an option in Event Management and Tourism.  She completed two minors in Global Development and Spanish during her year abroad in Puntarenas, Costa Rica from 2013 to 2014.  Living in a small Costa Rican town was an eye opener for Claire and she quickly fell in love with Latin culture. During her year abroad she traveled to Panama and Nicaragua three times each along with short trips around Costa Rica every weekend.  Claire was over joyed with the chance to travel to Cuba in March for a week long intensive class with USAC.  She had such an amazing experience in Havana that she now plans to study abroad again for a winter intersession in Cuba.  Claire’s favorite part of her study abroad experience was the people she met in her program and all the places she traveled and the lifelong friendships they created.  She recommends to future study abroad students to take full advantage of all the resources given to them and to make new opportunities for themselves!  Claire could talk about her experience all day and is excited to be putting on events for study abroad alumni to share their experiences with each other and interested Chico State students.