Institute for Sustainable Development
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Ecological Sustainability
“To meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

The World Commission on Environment and Development


Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico

What have we accomplished so far?

At CSU, Chico we have been working diligently to implement our 6th Strategic Priority:
Believing that each generation owes something to those who follow, we will create environmentally literate citizens who embrace sustainability as a way of living. We will be wise stewards of scarce resources and, in seeking to develop the whole person, be aware that our individual and collective actions have economic, social, and environmental consequences locally, regionally, and globally.

What all have we done?

Associated Students organizations, projects, and positions committed to sustainability:

University-wide positions and projects committed to sustainability (campus collaboration):

Academic programs:

Community participation:

As we continue to grow and expand with our sustainability mission and goals, we will continue to update this web site so please continue to visit this site.